Chop Chop Shuttle & Tour

Online Reservations

You may use our Online Appointment Scheduler for any of our scheduled shuttles or Tours by clicking on the link below.

To take full advantage of this service you must book more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled shuttle time.

Pick up or drop off must be on the shuttle or tour route.

Custom transports are pick and/or drop off at locations outside of the shuttles normal route and should be set up by phone or email. 

Additional rates will apply. Subject to availability.



General Reservation Help


Please fill in all information pertaining to your transport. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Not all information on some forms will be needed for your transport. Please insert "NA"  for these responses to proceed with reservation.
Most information on a given form will be required for a timely and accurate pick up. Fields not requiring input before proceeding will be marked "optional". International users may have difficulties with the Online Appointment  Scheduler. If this is the case,  please call or email your request.
All airport round trips will be handled as separate reservations. Please fill out two reservation forms
All reservations must be accompanied with a major credit card (Master card, Visa, Discover or American Express). Gratuity of 15% will be assessed on all third party reservations. If you are not sure of the rate, minimize the appointment window and click the "Airport Shuttle Rates" link on Chop Chop Shuttle & Tour home page. Then maximize the appointment window to continue with reservation. This will avoid logging out of the scheduling process. If you need further help, please call the number below.
The system is capable of sending an automatic notification, confirmation and/or reminder. The appropriate box must be checked to receive any or all of them. Though these selections are optional, we strongly suggest  they be checked to minimize oversites or potential errors.
Notification:  This indicates only that your appointment has been received by the automatic online scheduling system. It is not a confirmation.
Confirmation:  This indicates that your appointment has been reviewed by a live staff member and approved.
Reminder:  This is sent prior to appointment as a review.
If you do not receive confirmation by phone or e-mail within 24 hours of your pick up, please call to confirm.
To use this system all reservations must be made greater than 24 hours prior to pick up time. Reservations needed within 24 hours can be handled by calling or text  to 703-906-6939 9am - 9pm  7 days a week.
Chop Chop Shuttle & Tour reserves the right to deny and/or cancel any reservation that is incomplete, not verifiable or if credit card is denied or invalid.
24 hour cancellation and"no show" policies are in effect. Failure to cancel a reservation within 24 hours of scheduled pick up time and /or "no show" due to no fault of Chop Chop Shuttle and Tour, the client will be charge the full amount of the transport. It is the clients responsibility to contact Chop Chop Shuttle & Tour in the event of a prolonged delay and or cancellation of their flight. Passengers missing their scheduled shuttle will be placed on the next available shuttle.
When making your first reservation, the system will provide you with a User Name and Password to view make any changes or cancel your reservation. Changes and/or cancellations can also be made by calling or text to 9am - 9pm  7 days a week.