Chop Chop Shuttle & Tour

About Us


Welcome to our family. My name is Anthony but everyone calls me Tony. Our small but busy company was started in 2001. We began our venture in the town of Dumfries, VA. The idea was to provide a transportation service that didn't exist at the time and to a large part still does not. We wanted to provide an affordable yet efficient way for folks to get to the airport as well as have the opportunity to visit our Nations Capitol. Easy enough concept? Maybe not.

Our first major obstacle was that we started the business just prior to 9/11. Tours of the Capitol and rides to the airport were weren't in high demand during that dark period. We managed to ride it out only to be faced with an economic down turn and the sniper shootings. Although what kept me going was the words of my drill instructor in boot camp. I can hear him now "ain't no use in looking down, ain't no six pack on the ground".

Between that and the love and support of my family and friends, we persevered. I give thanks to my wife for being the best team player one could ask for. My two daughters, Ruby and Kaniz for the fuel to keep me going and for just being there. My brother Dino for his tireless effort, William Duckett who insisted in being paid only with chickens, Teco (Migilicuty) and his inspirational battle with an advesary (Sickle Cell) that would have taken men with less conviction. Also Fatiha Mabasa for not having her baby in the van. Let us not forget Slick, who needs a slug Rick and my mom, who with one glance and a few words of encouragement, made me feel as if I could accomplish anything and all the other faces that came and went.


Our journey has only just begun. I hope that this company will stand the test of time as a means of support for my family and a reliable service for yours.

Thanks for listening (reading),

Anthony J. Mendoza (Tony)